1. Sneak peak of the fine collection, coming soon! Rough diamonds in recycled 14k gold (at www.emilieshapiro.com)

  2. Wearing the icicle stacking rings today because that’s how cold it is in #NYC ❄️ (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  3. Hidden treasure (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  4. These beauties are headed to #BungalowHome in Ohio today! (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  5. Morning cuddle sesh #meow

  6. Just finished these custom azurite talisman earrings for my incredible assistant!! 💙 #handmade #gemstone #jewelry (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  7. I’m subletting my current studio through Jan 31 in Long Island city in a wonderful arts community with wood shop, gallery & kitchen. Direct message me for details and help spread the word!! (at Reis Studios)

  8. Another year another move. New studio with this incredible window happening May 1!! ☀️🙌 (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  9. Taking the mosaic wilted ring with rough cut emeralds out for a spin this weekend! The new collection is now available on my website (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  10. Loving the wilted fringe earrings headed to Bridget’s Gems in Brooklyn. They kind of look like jellyfish 🐙 (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  11. New collection is now available online!! Emilieshapiro.com/shop/ #handmade #gemstone #jewelry #emilieshapirojewelry (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  12. Hanging with my favorite 💗

  13. I’m ready to say goodbye to freezing March, but not my favorite aquamarines yet - the month’s birthstone. Aquamarines are talismans while traveling at sea. #handmade #gemstone #jewelry (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)

  14. Check out a few of my pieces on @onekingslane today #handmade #gemstone #jewelry

  15. Green juice & green quartz this morning 💚💚💚 #handmade #gemstone #jewelry (at Emilie Shapiro Studio)